how to put Corona build onto iPad

Built an app on Mac. Connected iPad. In the Mac’s Finder Window, clicked on iPad. Can’t find a way to copy the build onto the iPad for testing.

Googled, searched, read and found nothing useful. Please, I am grateful for any help you can share. Solution, link, anything. Thank you very much.

I’m using:
MacBook Pro (2017)
macOS Ventura 13.3
Corona Simulator 2023.3688
iPad Air (4th generation)
iOS 15.4.1

Try this for a start-

Sounds good. Thank you!

This only worked with Xcode 14.3
I had to update to iOS 16.4.1

Confirm iPad’s Developer Mode is ON.
Enable iPad’s Settings / Privacy & Security / SECURITY Developer Mode.

Open Xcode Window / Devices and Simulator
Connect iPad to Mac
Select iPad
In main pane INSTALLED APPS, click the plus “+”.
Locate app on Mac. Select app. Click “Open”.
Xcode copies app onto iPad.

Yes that’s usually how it goes. When trying to deploy on an ios device for the first time you’d have to update your xcode, maybe even your mac os, and ideally be on the latest solar2d build.

Not sure why it made you update your ipad os though but this basically the process you’d have to follow each time.

You should look into something called live builds to make testing your apps much easier

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