How to track users for auto renewed subscriptions

If my game doesn’t have a username and password account attached to it and player A pays to subscribe, what information can I use from the transaction store event to save in my database that tells me that player A made the purchase?

Do I need to use the:


and / or the


You’ll need to use event.receipt, but just saving this won’t be enough because
a) when the subscription is renewed a new receipt is generated (on iOS at least)
b) the user may have unsubscribed or changed the subscription duration in the meantime

What you really need to do is call restore to get the latest receipt, then send that to the store to validate it at the start of each session (or whenever would be suitable in your app):

Thank for the reply Alan.

Can I also request this method to retrieve the latest receipt instead of restoring?


I’ve never used that function so I’m not sure exactly what it returns. If you try it out, I’d be interested to know what the result is.