HTML5 -- differences between Solar2D versions

I have been using Solar2D 2021.3659 for a long time to create my HTML5 builds, as it is the most reliable version for this purpose, at least for me.

Here is a sample of some inconsistencies between Solar2D 2021.3659 and Solar2D 2024.3706

This is the HTML5 setup in build.settings:

window =
      defaultMode = "maximized",
      defaultViewWidth = 600,
      defaultViewHeight = 800,
      resizable = false,
      enableCloseButton = false,
      enableMinimizeButton = true,
      suspendWhenMinimized = true,
      showWindowTitle = false, -- only for macOS
      titleText = {
          default = "Woodpuzzle",

The scale property in config.lua is "zoomEven"

The result with Solar2D 2024.3706:

The result with Solar2D 2021.3659:

That’s why I choose the older(2021.3659) version of Solar2D.

It would be great if Solar2D could solve the blurry text problem, but that is not my goal here; it is about how the content is displayed. As you can see in the first screenshot, the content goes off the screen, unlike how it is displayed in the second option.

My questions are:
What should be the normal behavior?
Why are there differences between the different versions of Solar2D?

A bit about my experience with HTML5:

A long time ago, when I started making games with Solar2D (formerly CoronaSDK), I ventured into HTML5 gaming platforms. I uploaded my games to sites like Kongregate, Crazygames, and others. My best experience was with Crazygames. However, over time, things changed at Crazygames, and their quality standards increased. Gradually, they removed my games from their catalog, until only one was left, which was removed just over a week ago. The same thing happened to me on Kongregate.

HTML5 games made with Solar2D have the disadvantage of rendering issues with text, making it appear blurry, as well as with graphics. There are other cons that have already been posted on this forum.

Sites like Crazygames, Yandex Games, and POKI are great opportunities for HTML5 game developers, and it has been shown that they attract more players to your games than mobile platforms.

I believe that if Solar2D improves in this regard, it would expand more as a game engine and our community would grow, not only in users but also in sponsorship.
I’m sure many here would agree with me.

Just a thought…

Try to compare the first few lines of index.html it might affect the behavior

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That’s a good idea … thanks @kakula