I Need explanations about the file app-ads.txt

Good afternoon.
Today I received a message from AdMob that I have no authorized requests with the file app-ads.txt. I would like to know if anyone has any experience in this situation, and maybe you can give answers to the following questions: what is the risk of missing this file? I also read that it needs to be placed on my site, do I really need to make my site and place this file there?
Thank you in advance for your help, and sorry for my English.

  1. Without the file your eCPM will be severely diminished. Most of your traffic will be seen as not valid.
  2. In your app listings you need to put a URL for the app.
  3. Then in that domain you need to put the file at the root.
  4. I am using Wordpress for my site so it doesn’t have to be complicated.
  5. Here is my file:

Thank you very much! I went to Wordpress, but I don’t understand how to place a text document file in the root. Could you tell me a little more about adding the file?

And I also found this site, where you can get a domain without creating a site.

How secure is it?

I don’t think you should worry about security. It should be public. Anybody should be able to see it.

Thank you so much for your time!

Hello there,

@agramonte, I saw your impressive file… As of today I only have the basic Admob mediation. So what my file should look like? Do I need a file in fact?

One more question, does it worth to go with other ad sources and so on or only having admob would “work”?
Being quite a noob in the domain, and not wanting to do silly stuff there, your advises would be more than welcomed :slight_smile:
thanks in advance.

If all you are using is Admob go to this page on admob and click on the link in right top corner. Admob will show you what line to include. It should be just 1 line.

Thanks, That’s clear :+1: Many Thanks.

Just to have à better under standing, can it works wothout this file ? Or is that the Reason I had “no ad fill” recently (for the Last 4 days)?

Just add the file as that is required.