I need feedback about my game because of supposed crash.

Hello everyone,

I have made a game with solar2d and I publish it on google play few days ago but It seems every players who start the game are blocked at level 11 (unless me) and sometimes they just don’t goes after level one.

I think it is a crash while opening the app and I don’t see it on my phone (tested on 2 androids phone).

Can you please just doing this two little things please :

  • test the game and going to level > 10 to check if you have crashing ?
  • Connecting to google game services if there is bug.

Here is the application link :

Thanks you.

Congratulations! My feedback: I think you should increase the speed of the balls.

Thanks you for your reply. And did you notice any bug or crash when getting higher to level 10 ?
I ask this because I think there are a default or a crash that block many player and I can’t replicate this bug on local development.


Thank you.

I got as far as level 14 and not getting any crashes. I do not make it a habit to login to a game with my Google account, so I am not logged in.

Thank you for your return.

Actually I have absolutely zero euros in-app-purchase and merely zero revenu by advertising after releasing the game 4 days ago so I asked to myself if it’s normal or if I had to wait more time.

Is someone can tested the connection of google game services please ?


I have not experienced crashes on one device. Are the devices that are crashing Samsung? Can you tell? I didn’t bring any Samsung on my vacation, but I’ll try on my Pixel once it charges. I also logged in with Google. Also, remember that less than 1% buy anything in the store, so not seeing any purchases is normal. I know for my games it is more like .02% buy anything.

Sorry for the delay. I haven’t reached level 10 yet.


I got 18 level :⁠-⁠)

Have a nice day,

Thank you @agramonte , @aclementerodrguez and @ldurniat for you return.

I am reassured that it seems to have no bugs with the use of admob and google-play game services.
I paid for a 300 € advertising on google ads and after now 5000 download I have still zero purchase. The difficulty of the game is I think well-balanced and with 0.02 % of 5000 downloads I hope to get at least 1 purchase but still nothing I will wait.

I will slitghly decrease the difficulty after level 20 because perhaps people are blocked here.