I need some help with monetization

I’m from Brasil, so sorry if what I say wasen’t very clear.
I start with solar2d now, and I don’t find any content about monetization, any video or links, and I dont know how to do it AT ALL, I’m new at this, so… I need some advices :slight_smile:
If someone can help me, I will be very grateful!

The documentation is your friend. There’s a lot that can be found from there, such as:

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Yes Monetization is a big word:

Ads (many options), In App Purchases, Paid App on playstores, Subscriptions, Direct payment from within the app using payment Gateways…

Which one to choose? it depends on your app or game, and sometimes you spend months doing something then you change it entirely because it just didn’t work as you expected

Why PubG is paid? Why Fortnite and Candy Crush are free and has no Ads? you should decide for your game how and when to make money, and this might be the toughest part in the entire industry, and bigger companies bring people with brains and Ph.Ds to analyze data and decide