Integrating game servers with Solar2D

Is anyone up on the general state of integrating Solar2D with popular game servers like Photon Cloud or Game Sparks. I know the API’s have had have fallen into disrepair at various times in the past but I’m wondering where they stand at the moment.

Photon Realtime works pretty great. No issues for me.


Thanks @cr1x, that’s good to know.

I’m curious, what types of games are you using Photon for?

Right now I have been working on multiplayer for a card game app that I already built which works offline with bots. The game is realtime but turn based game play. Handles up to 4 players.

I have some issues with how I structured the game engine which I am working on to ensure players are synced, handle any late received message caused by players suspending the app.

Ideally a server side would be ideal for my app, but I don’t have the time our expertise to manage a self hosted server, even through photon. Since its peer to peer, I had to handle host migrations so the game doesn’t drop, rejoining, etc.

I use playfab for authentication, and setting unique user IDs so players if dropped from a game, can rejoin.

I’m very happy with the performance, its pretty reliable and simple to use with the event system, but at the end of the day its only going to be as good as how the app was designed to handle the events.


Use GameSparks and Playfab and both are still working fine.

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@agramonte - what types of games are you using GameSpark and Playfab for?

I have a multiplayer arena physics game. I’m hoping to have one player receive all the input and calculate the physics. The other players would receive updates to reposition objects so the physics wouldn’t get decouple between devices.

Would you choose one of the game servers over the other for something like this?

They are both very expensive for realtime multiplayer (they are now both metered). I only use them for turn based. I think Photon Cloud will be cheaper at least to start.

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Thanks for the input - I am leaning toward Photon and then Playfab now.

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