iOS bitcode and dSYM files?

I just realized that Flurry can’t symbolicate the stack traces from my crash reports due to missing dSYM files. If bitcode had been enabled for my builds I believe that I should also have been able to download the dSYMs from App Store Connect. However, I can’t find any dSYMS for my builds, which makes me think that bitcode is disabled for Solar2D builds. Am I right in these assumptions?

If bitcode is disabled, does that mean that I need to store the dSYM files locally for each of my builds, so I can then upload them to Flurry or other services that require them?

Yes. You should have the dSYM file next to your ipa or app when you build just save it to upload to Flurry.

Ok, thanks. Will do that from now on. Just too bad that I didn’t know to save them from my previous builds too. :confused:

I guess there’s no way to recreate the dSYM from a previous build? I’m thinking of checking out a release branch from Git, build again, and upload that dSYM. But then the build number won’t match the one Flurry is missing I suppose?

I have a bunch of them missing dSYM. I just let it go.

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