iOS Build failed

at Build 2023.3689,
iOS Build failed.

Xcode 14.2 Build 2023.3686 → OK
Xcode 14.3 Build 2023.3689 → Fail

I guessed the problem is related with toolchain

Xcode 14.3

  • The documentation toolchain for Objective-C has migrated to the open-source Clang extract-api tool. (101761719)

I use admob plugin and this requires this.


Building: Adding Swift support for plugins
May 03 09:49:36.500 *** error: Unknown argument: --toolchain
May 03 09:49:36.504 ERROR: build command failed: $(xcrun -f swift-stdlib-tool) --copy --verbose --scan-executable “/Users/kaeguree/Project/Doing/Lua/Apps/Test/” --scan-folder “/Users/kaeguree/Project/Doing/Lua/Apps/Test/” --platform iphoneos --toolchain “/Applications/” --destination “/Users/kaeguree/Project/Doing/Lua/Apps/Test/” --strip-bitcode --resource-destination “/Users/kaeguree/Project/Doing/Lua/Apps/Test/” --resource-library libswiftRemoteMirror.dylib && find “/Users/kaeguree/Project/Doing/Lua/Apps/Test/” -iname “libSwift*.dylib” -exec $(xcrun -f lipo) {} -remove arm64e -output {} ;
May 03 09:49:36.505 ERROR: with exit code 1 and output:

at 2023.3690 built successfully.