iOS Build Upload

Hello. I made a game for android. It works fine.
Everything went good with uploading it to Google Play but I have problem with App Store. I wanted to release it for iOS devices too so I tested it on my Iphone - all good, bought the Apple Developer. I did almost everything, I understand certificates, provisioning profiles etc. One thing I can’t get is uploading the build to App Store. I watched some videos, I know I can use Xcode - tried the iOS build opening in Xcode simulator and works good too. I just can’t understand how to open my project in Xcode. I have built .app.dSYM files, is it needed? It seems so simple but I still can’t get it. Just to open my Solar2D/Corona project in Xcode, unless there’s another way to upload my game to App Store.

Best regards.

You can download the Transporter app (it’s available from thr mac app store iirc) and it will walk you through the upload process. It’s wuite straightforward once you have things set up on your appstore connect and you just need to upload the .app file

Previously they used to have an application loader that i think was bundled with xcode but they’ve moved that functionality to the Transporter app. Hope this helps