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Hi All!

I’m in the process of updating my apps. I have not updated since 2017. My apps are iOS only.

I have looked on the forums and can see that AdMob rewarded videos appear not to be working. My current ad providers are AdMob, AppLovin and Vungle.

Does AdMob rewarded video work on iOS? Are there any rewarded video ad providers that are working and that you are using on iOS?

It seems that I will have to ditch my current Vungle rewarded videos as the plugin is, it seems, dated. Also, Vungle ‘Remove a user’s ability to skip an ad video.’ feature in the console is no longer working. Basically, as my apps stand, users are able to start a Vungle video, stop it immediately and get rewarded. That’s not acceptable and I need an alternative.

In a nutshell, are rewarded videos on AdMob working on iOS? From the docs:

Rewarded video ads will not load when test mode is enabled. In this case, you will get a "failed" phase when trying to load a rewarded video. Please see admob.init() for instructions on how to enable/disable test mode.

I dare not check live ads while testing as I risk jeopardising my AdMob account.

Thank you for any advice you can offer re: rewarded videos on iOS.

Reward videos for Appodeal, Facebook, AdColony still work.

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AdMob reward videos still work fine for me on iOS. There’s also Unity.

@agramonte thanks for posting about that. I’ll go with AdMob as I have the account and console setup for some years. Although I don’t like to put “all my eggs in one basket” normally. I can always update again - should Apple allow the updates that is!

I’m having to update as AdMob have severely restricted ad serving due to me not having an app-ads.txt file for each of my apps. Sadly, I’m unable to update App Store Connect to point to app-ads.txt from Support/Marketing URL as these fields aren’t editable without an update.

Well, I’ve had my apps on the store without update for 3 years so I can’t complain too much! :slight_smile:

I’ll be glad to take this update opportunity to dump AppLovin. They are STILL (after all these years) pulling that sly infuriating stunt of delaying the display of the close button. Thereby preventing users from promptly closing an interstitial. Shakes head in dismay…

Using the rewarded test ad ID here for rewarded video:

I am able to see a test rewarded video ad despite the documentation stating: “Rewarded video ads will not load when test mode is enabled.”

As stated in the docs:
I can see from the console (using print("event.response = " … tostring(event.response)) etc. ) that all is well.

I’ll take a leap of faith and upload to the App Store. We’ll see if the review team bounce my updates back. Likely they will reject if they are still making life hard for us indies who have several variations of an app on the store. I don’t know if that’s still a thing with Apple…? If it is, my updates will be in vain! :frowning:

They have not rejected me lately.

Thanks colinmorgan. AdMob rewarded videos are certainly working in test mode. Well, almost!

If you dismiss a test mode rewarded video (before it finishes) by tapping on its close button a popup appears in the ad. The popup message is something along the lines of “Close video? You will lose your reward”. There is a yes/no option. Sometimes the message popup disappears within a couple of seconds (before the user gets chance to respond). When that happens the ad shows in its completed/finished state and my syslog console in Corona shows that the reward is given.

I hope that doesn’t happen with the live ads. If it does, then sometimes the user will be able to dismiss a rewarded video ad before completion and get the reward. The very problem I have with Vungle. Of course, I won’t be able to check when live as I can’t view/tap my own live ads. We shall see…

Thanks for letting me know Agramonte. I have mainly quiz apps. Back in the day, Apple were fine accepting them. I recall a good UK developer called QuizTix that were very active a few years ago on here when Solar2D was Corona. They are still on the store, but they were removed from the store for quite some time. Top quality quizzes they are too. Not the usual template stuff from Chupamobile.

I will update and see what happens.

Just to confirm for those using or thinking of using AdMob rewarded videos.

As you can see from the popup in the screenshot a message appears if the user taps the close button before the rewarded video finishes.

That popup message can disappear pretty quickly. Seems to happen every 3 or 4 ads shows. When it does disappear quickly, the ad is then in its fully played state (end card seems to be the term) and the reward is given. That’s a pity. I don’t know if that will be the case with live ads and there’s no way for me to check. Can’t check my own live ads. Yikes! :frowning:

I know this is low-tech, but what about having a friend check for you?

Sounds like a good idea colinmorgan. I’ll see what I can do… Cheers. :slight_smile:

I can check on my app. The only thing is that I am probably using a newer a version than you are. BRB.

Just tested and it works as expected. I can try your app. You can try mine but I just tested about 5 times and the person does not get the reward.

My app is here:

Open up a game. Use the 5 reveal I give for free. Come out and back into the game and click on the reveal. You should get a rewarded video prompt.

Very much appreciated that agramonte. Yup - your version is newer as my apps haven’t been updated for 3 years. I’ll be updating one of my apps over the next few days. If Apple approve, I’ll gladly message you and ask you to check my rewarded AdMob video ads. I’ll have a go at yours also.

I’m encouraged by your results. It seems that when I am in test mode on my iPad Mini (4 years old!) for the AdMob rewarded video ads, the message popup can disappear quickly on occasion and go straight to the end card of the video. Hopefully (as it seems) that’s not the case with the live AdMob rewarded video ads. I’ll get back to you. Thank you! :slight_smile: