iOS : Switching S2D to a native View

Hi, everybody,

I need to switch the Current View from Solar2D, to a private native View :

>             FlutterViewController* flutterViewController = [[FlutterViewController alloc]  
>                        initWithEngine:flutterEngine nibName:nil bundle:nil];
>             [nav pushViewController: flutterViewController animated:YES];

And, then, back to Solar2D :

   >        UINavigationController* nav = titi.navigationController;
   >         [nav popViewControllerAnimated: YES];

I was not able to run correctly this code until I patched the procedure initializeWithApplication() in :

>      // [LARPOUX] [ESTRELA] needs a Navigation Controller
>         UINavigationController* navigationController = [[UINavigationController alloc]initWithRootViewController: viewController];
>         window.rootViewController = navigationController;
>         [window setRootViewController: navigationController];
> 	// Get warnings in iOS 6 if we don't do this.
> 	// [LARPOUX] [ESTRELA] // [window setRootViewController:viewController];

I am not an iOS expert but this patch does not seem to disturb the correct working of S2D.

  • Is there anybody who know how to avoid this patch ?
  • May I submit a Pull Request with this patch ?

Thank you, guys, and girls