iOS Universal Links open app with empty launchArgs

We had set up Universal Links and it works fine before.
But recently it doesn’t work when the app cold start.
After some research, we figured out that when the app cold start via a universal link, the launchArgs will be an empty table.
Does anyone have the same problem?

Here is how we test.

  1. we use our universal links and build from then simple code HelloWorld project .
  2. add some prints in main.lua
launchArgs = ...
print( launchArgs )
print( #launchArgs )
for i,v in ipairs(launchArgs) do
for k,v in pairs(launchArgs) do

after open app via the link, launchArgs is an empty table

Nov 08 15:37:14.492 [Device] ==================================================================================================
Nov 08 15:37:14.493 [Device] table: 0x2820bf900
                    [Device] 0
                    [Device] ==================================================================================================

I don’t know when before was, I remember creating this plugin specifically for Universal Links because it was never supported?

Thanks Scott - we found the problem here, we missed this event because of some delay logic in our app.
Plugin works correctly.