iPhone Development Kit & Android Development Kit

Hey guys,
My Android project is getting to a stage where the app got to be ported to Apple devices. I used an Apple comp only a few times in my life and I never ever had an iPhone in my hands :smiley:
To my mind to start developing apps for iPhones all I need is just a pair of devices we use for Android: a comp & a phone. Is that so?

I first thought about getting the latest model of Mini or laptop-book & an iPhone. Will it be enough?

Also, I use web-telegram to transfer compiled apks to my phone. What are file-extensions of iPhone-apps? Is it possible to use the same method of transferring the apps?

Also, there may be some questions I just did not ask because I got no idea I have to ask them :slight_smile: Please share your dev-experience.

P.S. I wish there was a supa-dupa-hacking method of compiling iPhone apps on Windows.

You might want to take a look at this:


Wow! Thanks!

I tried it today. But got an error on the first line. :-(. @Andrey5045 let me know how it goes for you.

/Users/runner/work/_temp/5d59b570-6198-4523-aa2a-978022e71a0b.sh: line 1: Util/build.sh: Permission denied 

I do not have Apple dev-membership yet. When I am really at the stage of readiness to port the app to iPhone, I will definitely invest into it. And let you know.

The first error I fixed by giving the file executable and then checking it in:

git update-index --add --chmod=+x build.sh

From some site:

The good news is that you can develop and test your apps on your iOS device without a paid Apple Developer account . This is particularly great for developers who want to try out, or are just starting to develop, using a framework like Ionic, since it saves the cost but gets you a lot of the features of having a full Apple Developer account.

Is it possible to use the mentioned automation without paid acc?

I don’t know- I haven’t actually used it myself. :grin:
I had just seen the announcement and thought you might find it interesting since you were looking for a way to build for iOS without a Mac.

No, problem. Sooner or later I will enter the world of development for Apple :slight_smile:

After so much time, I finally got an iPhone. The app-store-automation looks so complicated to me… I thouroughly went through all the steps and now stuck at step:

  1. Select “Build and Deliver” in the workflows sidebar.

There is no such an item… I am doing something wrong?

Post a picture or a link. I don’t follow what you are saying.

Here we go…
Here is what manual says:

And what I got:
“Build and deliver” is missing…

I think I found why it happend. yaml-file for workflows was not copied… I copied and now follow the steps to see what it will finish with :slight_smile: I hope to see my app on my iPhone.

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Finally, all works, the app started. To my surprise NO difference to how it work in Android. It is a business app (not a game): users can upload pictures by choosing them from library… In-app “Go back” button works, too. The only problem, “Share to WhatsApp” & Viber does not work, but I am sure it is a problem of a space character. (Explained further).

Share to Telegram works, but all the spaces are exchanged to “+”, may be, it prevents sharing to Viber & WhatsApp.

I will play around… Hopefully such a tool like ngrok exists! It it so helpful in tracing server requests!

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glad you got it working

I got same today as well. It happened after I created a new repository by copying the one which I copied off the “demo-app-store-automation”… It is frustrating. I thought that I had to recreate all the keys and certificates to make it going… But it did not work. Looks like I have to recreate entry repository … Or maybe someone knows how to fix error on line 1?

I did everything again from the scratch… and then I must have messed up with passwords… Access was not denied, but there were other errors. I reissued again all certs… NOW ALL WORKS.

Something new start appearing here:

Node.js 12 actions are deprecated.
For more information see:
GitHub Actions: All Actions will begin running on Node16 instead of Node12 | GitHub Changelog.
Please update the following actions to use Node.js 16: actions/checkout@v2

It is a message given when I hit “Build and deliver”. How to fix it?

Hi, I’ve literally just started looking at Solar2D after several years with Gideros Mobile. So I know Lua, but haven’t used Node.js specifically. I am a mac user and I am amazed you stuck at it when you had neither an iPhone nor a mac. So congratulations.

Perhaps now you have a mac you could start again and download the DMG for the mac version of Solar2D? I’ve just done that and I’m going to follow the “getting started” section in the developer guide. Chapter 1.

I too, am not writing games, although I do use game techniques like animation in my apps. I’ll see how I get on with building an app on Solar2D. It’ll be fun.

If I can ever help, I’m around.

Thank you very much. I have an iPhone now and my old Google Pixel XL (1st model) to play with.
Than you very much, blessing, for your help!
I managed to find an error… Actually dev-profiles do expire, they have expiry date, 12 months to be exact since created. Somewhere in December a year ago I created one … I guess it has to be told on the manual, also the UI of Apple site has changed too. Not too confusing, but to be screenshots may be updated too, so the readme document have to be updated. Also a website (passwordsgenerator.net) mentioned on the documentation is closed down. When I have time I will contribute to it.
SO… after 3 hours of headache research, I just reupdated the profile… Now all works!
I am thinking of buying a second-handed old Mac now :smiley: