iPhoneX FPS Drop Issue (related to Home Indicator)

When the color of the home indicator on the bottom of the iPhone X changes, FPS drop also occurs.
In this regard, I implemented a bug where even if I set the config fps to 60, it goes to 30 indefinitely.
(All models after iPhone X with Home Indicator will have the same problem.)

[Test Code]
FPSdrop3.zip (334.6 KB)

Test Device: iPhoneX (iOS version 13.6.1)

[Test Step]

  1. Install and Run the app.
  2. put the app in the background (“suspend”).
  3. Do foreground(“resume”).
  4. If the bug does not appear, repeat 2,3

If the timing of the above bug occurs is correct, the app cannot exceed 30 fps.
(Or even if it is displayed at 60 frames, the movement of yellow rect will not be smooth. There is actually an FPS Drop.)

p.s: However, since there is no problem with other game engines, it seems to be an improvement related to iphonex of solar2d.

@SUPER_TOKI what is your app? I would love to test it. I have two apps where this occurs and I have not figured out how to fix it. It really depends on the combination of plugins you use. The only way around this I have found is by building natively. Also depending on what the person tries to do when it does this, it will crash.

i can replicate it. Do you need 60fps?

What do you mean? (I am not good at English.)

I noticed that the issue is less severe if you set the fps to 30. Was wondering if you really need the 60fps.

@agramonte Oh, that meant that.
I need 60fps. Currently, I am making a rhythm game.

  1. I feel this(30fps) difference and have been doing a code review of what I made mistakes, such as Textures, Sounds, Code optimization, etc. for all my projects to find out why this problem occurred.

  2. I was simply surprised that it was a device issue related to the Home Indicator of iPhoneX, and the sample code attached above implements a bug that does not exceed 30fps due to an infinite loop even if the fps of the config is set to 60fps.
    Do you need 60 fps? It sounds a little disappointing to me to ask.

  3. I don’t have to tell you, but for anyone who feels the difference between 30fps and 60fps, When viewed on a mobile phone (full screen), you can see that an afterimage remains in the movement of the texture.