iron source ads fell by 80% on Sep 13?

Has anyone else had a drop off of Android showing Ads using @Scott_Harrison Iron Source plugin? My ads dropped off dramatically between Sep 12 and Sep 13 just a week ago.

After further investigation, it seems that my Meta impressions have only gone down a small amount, but the revenue has dropped to ZERO. As well, ironSource’s impressions have only gone down a bit, but revenue has dropped in-half.

We’ve seen our ironsource revenue drop dramatically during the last 4 months steadily. Our ecpms have gone down as well as the fill rate.

Can i ask what ecpm you’re seeing on interstitial ads using scott’s plugin? We were at around $20 in North America and it’s less than $5 now

@famousdoggstudios our eCPM was $20 for Meta and $27 for ironSource 2 weeks ago and today, Meta is ZERO while ironSource is around $10. I checked my FB Monetization controls and its still reporting as active, so the whole thing is strange. Have you seen a Meta drop-off?

Odd, is this on Android or iOS? Have you tried to reach out to IS directly?

@Scott_Harrison yes, IronSource responded promptly that they have not been receiving any such reports from others. Because the issue is Meta related and my FB monetization control panel shows still with some impressions, that could be due to the various versions I release since I release new versions monthly. But considering the number of reduced impressions, this appears to occur in my latest version released. When did you make the last Meta-related change to the IS plugin? Was it after the end of July? I’m just doing my best to isolate when a code change could have affected this.

All adapter were updated
and then on

I’m not current using Meta currently and mainly relying on ironsource’s bidding and exchange networks along with Unity and Adcolony. In our case, it’s the ecpm through ironsource which has gone down

Although tests work fine, I’m only getting a few impressions from Adcolony and Unity.

We’re also using Scott’s plugin but we’re not seeing any drop off from that time, and our eCPM has remained consistent as well (around $19 for interstitials in NA). We released an update last week and another this week, so we’re definitely using the latest ironSource plugin + adaptors.

No drop off from Meta either - though I did have an email from ironSource this week warning me that I needed to re-auth Meta through the SDK Networks > Manage SDK Networks page otherwise it would stop working. We had definitely authorised it months/years ago, but that was before they changed to Meta so perhaps it was related to that change. Might be worth checking that. If it is still connected the login popup will just say “You successfully login with Facebook”, but if the option to sign in is there then it needs reauthorising.

My guess would be that it is a problem at ironSource’s end.

@alanFlickGames I think you were right! :slight_smile: But I’ll know more tomorrow. I don’t know how I missed the email from ironSource and oddly, I don’t know how their own support was unable to recognize that as the potential problem. I’ll let you know what I find out tomorrow. :slight_smile:

okay, so on September 13th, after I have made sure to Login with Meta, my Meta impressions have continued (as they did before the Login with Meta), but there still remains ZERO ads running on Meta. Also, it appears that ironSource bidding has dropped to about 50% of what it was. Can anyone help with this? When we first implemented the ironSource plugin, we were earning at least 10 times what we are seeing now. Here is a screenshot of our ironSource mediation setup.

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I’ve now figured out that ironSource is not getting the proper REVENUE figure from Meta. They are showing ZERO $0 revenue, but my Facebook Monetization Manager page is showing revenue. I’m now reporting this to ironSource. My guess is that they are also not getting proper revenue from other ad providers, either. Just my guess, because if they could mess this up for Meta, they could certainly do the same for others.


Good news! Today, I noticed that IronSource fixed the Meta reporting; seems there error they had may have been potentially affecting other ad providers, too. In other words, the Ads appear to have been filling, but the issue was that IronSource wasn’t properly reporting them - now fixed :slight_smile: