ironSource accounting

@Scott_Harrison we implemented ads using the ironSource plugin with just two mediation sources to start with, 1) Meta (Facebook) and 2) ironSource.

From Oct 27-31, we see from the IronSource control panel that our ad revenue was $69.70.

IronSource sent us an invoice for $36.24 for this same period.

At first, I thought this invoice was something we had to pay. As it turns out, their system generated an invoice on our behalf not for us to pay, but for them to pay us for IronSource ad revenue.

Each of the ad networks in mediation (I.e. Meta previously Facebook) will pay us directly, too.

One gotcha is they wait until you’ve earned $250 before sending a monthly payment. So because we only had ads for a few days in October, their terms of net 60 would have resulted in us receiving a payment on January 1 for the month of October. But because our few days of Oct revenues through IronSource as only $34 for Oct, that amount will be added to Nov revenue and a payment on February 1, assuming we’ve earned more than $250 from them, not including Meta revenue.

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I appreciate that this reply isn’t especially helpful. Just to say that I have had the same problem with AppLovin for years. My AppLovin console regularly shows clicks at around 10 x the number of impressions. That is certainly the case for the last month. My AppLovin revenue is paltry (AdMob is my main advertiser) so I leave AppLovin as it is. Furthermore, AppLovin regularly reports impressions for apps that I removed from the store many years ago. I don’t trust AppLovin accounting one iota.

Hopefully you will get to the bottom of it.