IronSource mediation with Scott's plugin

For anyone who’s using Scott’s IrnSrc plugin, we’re having a hard time getting Facebook mediation to run on iOS 14+ so any help will be appreciated:

  • We get test ads from FAN when we grant tracking permission on our app on iOS 14+ but without permission, we only get irnSrc ads even if we have set up Facebook testing on the dashboard.

  • It appears that ironSource only supports FB version 4.3.22 while the plugin uses 4.3.24. The SKAdnetwork ids mentioned on ironsource’s documentation for FAN are also different to the ones in Scott’s documentation.

We are still trying to make sense of how things are going to be handled with mediation networks when it comes to the ATT policies on iOS 14 onwards so I apologise if we’re missing something very basic.

@Scott_Harrison if you could please also have a look.


When I was experimenting with FAN and mediation, my experience was that FAN would never serve ads to a device that had denied tracking permission.

Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s a shame though. I might drop their support team a msg to seek some more details on this as they dont seem to have mentioned this anywhere

Added new api in Ironsource Plugin 1.12 for Facebook see ironSource.setFBTrackingEnabled in Docs

Based on what Iron Source says this is required

" iOS 14+ Support

If you are using Facebook adapter 4.3.20+, and building for iOS14+, FAN requires you to set the setAdvertiserTrackingEnabled flag. This allows you to inform Facebook whether to use the data to deliver personalized ads. If the flag is set to false FAN will not be able to deliver personalized ads.

Please note that setting the setAdvertiserTrackingEnabled flag should be done before initializing ironSource Mediation. Learn more about Advertising Tracking Enabled for Audience Network"

Thanks for looking into this and updating the plugin. I had previously not been able to get banners to load for ironSource or FAN on ios14+ regardless of ATT but that seems to have resolved now somehow.

That being said, FAN is still seemingly not serving ads on ios14+ if ATT permission is denied even after using that flag. I have gone through the documentation that you’ve linked but they just say to use the flag without much background on what it does and why it’s needed.

If you’ve had any luck getting ads on the new iOS versions with FAN (after denying tracking permission), I’d really appreciate some advice. Cheers!

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