IronSource plugin (Scott's version) and iOS 14 features

Hello @Scott_Harrison… we’ve been using your ironSource plugin since some time and after your recent updates, most things are quite streamlined-- we are successfully running mediation from FAN and Applovin.

I had emailed you some days back via the support form but didn’t hear back so thought I’d post here in case some other user may have inputs too.

We basically want to know about the new iOS requirement for showing the ad-tracking popup to users and how we can show that (I believe that’s just a simple plist entry) but more importantly, how can we use the user’s preference while initialising the ad networks through your plugin.

We understand that it is expected that most users will decline permission but we will be looking to at least be fully prepared with all the features sooner rather than later.

Hopefully you can look into this soon and it will also be a big help if you could perhaps revise the documentation for the plugin as many of the recent changes don’t seem to be updated there.

Many thanks

Hi @Scott_Harrison. I’m at the same stage as @famousdoggstudios with similar questions. Thanks in advance!

@famousdoggstudios glad to hear it’s working well! I saw your comment and am working on adding full info to the docs. After reading Iron Source docs a couple of time, they say basically nothing needs to be changed code wise but do recommend showing a pop up before init. This can be done with the att plugin

Will look into integrating the functions of the att plugin into a future update.

“If you plan to get user authorization (iOS 14) using a pop-up whenever your app is launched, we recommend that you perform this action before you init ironSource SDK.”

Thanks, Scott

So if I understood correctly, the current SDK that your plugin is using will automatically know if the user has granted permission as long as we init it after showing the pop up? Or is this a feature that you plan to add for an upcoming update?

Does the GDPR flag in the init need to be set for this to work?

Sorry if I’m a little ignorant on these new requirements but I’ve been relying entirely on plugins for our ads so I never really managed to stay on top of all the things that went on behind the scenes in the SDKs.

Thanks again

The way I interpret the the docs the Iron Source sdk figures it out when you .init. If you don’t have permission for iOS 14 then your tracking is limited(default). If you get permission from the user, Iron Source will give the user better ads.

GDPR is a separate thing from Apples tracking
Read below but basically is more with dealing with EU regulation

Thanks for the reply. I’ll try some things out and let you know how it goes. Cheers

I did some more research and found this on stack overflow

The Identity for Advertisers (IDFA) is the individual 
and random identifier used by Apple to identify and measure iOS user devices. 

In IOS 14, the IDFA is hidden and you and adnetwork can’t get this IDFA, You must to ask user to allow tracking permission to continue use IDFA in IOS 14 system.

What's happen if I don't upgrade these apps as per the last WWDC guidelines? 
Is app continue ads serving to the user?

The short answers is YES , Your app still continue ads serving to the user. BUTTTTTT : the Adnetwork will do not know anythings about your user, so all ads will be random and unrelated ads

Hi, yes, that’s also the extent of my knowledge on this topic and most ad networks have said that serving non-targeted ads could mean that the revenue could take a massive hit so I was curious as to how we indicate to a network if the user has/hasn’t granted authorisation for tracking.

As per your previous comment and IronSource documentation, it does appear that if we show the popup prior to init, it should be able to take care of things but honestly it’s all a little fuzzy to me still so I’d appreciate if you could keep us updated should you find out more and I’ll try looking into further, as well.

My understanding is that, unlike GDPR where we were responsible for gathering user consent and then reporting it to the various advertisers, this is all handled by Apple.

I put NSUserTrackingUsageDescription = "This allows you to see more relevant advertising" into the plist of build.settings. The next time I launched the app after installing the new build I (and presumably all my iOS customers) got a tracking popup…

…which all the advertising networds are able to access.

I tested this out by installing the app a couple of times- sometimes saying “Yes” and sometimes saying “No” and noticing, for example, that Facebook Audience Network would not serve me ads if I said “No” but would if I said “Yes.”

I did not use the att plugin- the popup shows up the first time one of the networks goes looking for the permission; just like the first time an app tries to save something to the camera roll the user gets the “camera roll access” popup. I’m using ironSource (Agramonte’s version) and getting plenty of FAN traffic through bidding, so I feel like adding the NTUserTracking permission to the plist is all that needs to happen on our end.

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Thanks! That’s very useful and informative. I’ll proceed with this approach and try out with Scott’s version of the IronSource plugin

I just wanted to add to this conversation. Right now unless the user goes to the settings and says “please asks” for permission IDFA is still passed to the app. The moment that you force the question and if the user says no then a bunch of 000s are passed for IDFA. I don’t see any benefit to asking the question until Apple makes everybody a no by default since I expect the conversion of that question to yes to be very low. For now, enjoy the revenue you get from not asking.

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