Is GameAnalytics V2 plugin still supported?

I’m using Game Analytics plugin for my android games and all is ok. I’m planning submit my games to Apple App Store, but I’ve noted that in the documentation of Game Analytics website does not appear anymore the Solar2D or Corona SDk implementation.

Is anybody here are using Game Analytics V2 plugin for iOS?

Solar2D does still appear on their front page integrations page. If this is a recent change, then I would imagine they are rolling out the new docs as they go. I guess contacting their support wouldn’t hurt.

I just saw their page and it does not appear. I’ve contacted their support team regarding to this.

Source: Integrations & Services - GameAnalytics

Yes, but when you click on that link it takes you to another page where all the SDKs are shown and none of them belong to Solar2D.

Yeah, and that’s what I referred to in my original post. If this is a recent change, then it could be that the docs page hasn’t been updated yet. The alternative would be that the integrations page hasn’t been updated yet and they’ve removed a bunch of integrations.

Given that they have Defold listed in the docs, i.e. another Lua engine, I’d imagine they’d also support or have plans to support Solar2D, but you’ll know more when you hear back from them.

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Well @XeduR I received an anser from the GA team:

Thanks for contacting us!

Unfortunately we have removed support for Corona SDK as there were not many users making use of it :(. I did mention to our SDK team that you’re interested, and perhaps if more people will show interest in it we might bring it back, but until then, there’s unfortunately nothing we can do :(.

Yeah, that’s pretty definitive. They do provide iOS and Android SDKs, so someone could take them and create a cross-platform plugin for Solar2D, but beyond that it seems like GA is no longer an option.

Damn, I’m also using game analytics a lot in my projects. Latest version I’m using is from early 2022, but it’s kinda outdated. I’ve contacted the support too to ask if they plan to re-support it. I really hope they will. Publishers are often using this tool along with adjust to mesure metrics in games.

Yes, that’s why I’m interested in keeping using GA. I’ve do some testing with Voodoo publisher, and recently they tested one of my games and the results was very promissing according to their opinion, so they are almost to close a contract with me. They use Game Analytics and Adjust tools.

@vlads @Scott_Harrison

Would it be feasible to create a Solar2D first-party plugin using GameAnalytics’ iOS and Android SDKs from GameAnalytics Docs? The integration guide doesn’t seem particularly long for either SDK, but I have no experience with creating native plugins for Solar2D, so I’m not good at judging the workload here.

Possibly; I mean, we support a lot of plugins already. And I would still encourage people to reach out to Game Analytics and at least ask them to open source their existing plugin so it could be built off instead of having to build one from scratch

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I’ve contacted them today and they said : “SDK team will update it, but it might not be soon, as they have quite a full plate with the other SDK’s.”