Is there interest in a new Solar2D book?

Is there any interest in a new book dedicated to learning Solar2D?

My last textbook, “Learning Mobile App & Game Development with Corona SDK” is still in use at many schools and colleges. An update would need to be a complete rewrite.

So, I am considering writing a new book that covers intro concepts through multiplayer.
Is there any interest in a resource like this?

BTW, my most recent book, “Learning Lua” is now available on my website, Apple books, and Amazon.

Thank you!
Brian Burton, Ed.D.


I wonder if there are enough newcomers to solar2D that such a book will be useful. Most of the current users are ones who’ve been around since the CoronaSDK days and solar2D is nowhere near as prominent or popular as it was when I moved over from libGDX to Corona back in 2016-17. They used to sponsor and participate in game-dev conferences all over the work back then!

That being said, I would love for this to change and if a book can help introduce Solar2D to more people, I think that’d be fantastic. It still is an amazing framework for 2D games-- just not as up to date as the more popular mainstream game engines.

Good to know about your book on Lua, too. I’d check it out and recommend it wherever I can. Good luck!


I am also very interested in the book, I am from Brazil and I bought this book translated into Portuguese, I think you partnered with Luiz to translate. I would love a more updated version.

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Thank you for your input Famous & JDS. I will keep working on the revision. Hopefully, I can have it completed by Christmas.


Dr. Burton I started with your tutorials back in 2018. Getting a new updated book would be great. Thanks always for your contribution to a great programming language.

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It’s official. I have started rewriting “Learning Mobile App & Game Development with Corona” into Solar 2D. There were more updates needed than I had expected, but I am making good progress. Today I passed the 25% complete mark.
I plan to release it as both a digital and paper textbook. Stay tuned for progress updates!


“Learning Mobile App & Game Development with Solar 2D” has been sent to the editor!
We hope to have it for sale on Amazon and by Jan. 31.

Is anyone interested in seeing it in Barnes & Noble or other stores?

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Learning Mobile App and Game Development with Solar 2D is now available!
This is a rewrite/massive update to Learning Mobile App & Game Deve with Corona SDK.

The print version will soon be available via Amazon. eTextbook is available at Learning Mobile App and Game Development with Solar 2D | Burtons Media Group

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The price has been significantly reduced and I am offering a coupon of 25% off through the end of Feb. Use Solar2D for the discount

The Solar 2D book is now available on Amazon: