It's this a bug? (native.setProperty - "immersiveSticky")

native.setProperty( "androidSystemUiVisibility", "immersiveSticky" )

I had to put this line in my main file because wrong height calculation when android devices had software navigation buttons. A black bar apear in the botton of the screen exactly same size of the soft bar below it. (it doubles the area that android steals to put the soft keys).

With that line, I thought the problem was solved because now the area is well calculated and appear all app in full screen without the black bar. but appeared a new problem, the icons and the fonts are stretched. I don’t have that problem before. It’s this a bug?
Is there a solution to my problem?



With lots of experiences, I think I discover the problem.
I think it’s a bug.
with this code in my main file:
native.setProperty(“androidSystemUiVisibility”, “immersiveSticky”)

If my scale in config.lua is “adaptive” it will stretch.
If my scale in config.lua is “zoomEven” it will not stretch the icons and fonts.

So I guess “adaptive” scale is doing the mess.

I suggest that you try to reproduce the problem with 3618. If the problem disappears then I might be able to give a hint where the developer(s) may want to look for the cause.

I tried to install that version in Windows 11 gave me “msvcp140.dll” missing, when I started Corona Sdk. I’ve that file in my system32 directory. It also gave me other .dll erros after that, and I’m almost sure that I’ve them.
I will still try to install it in a friends house, but I doubt it’s the problem of safe areas.

 local topInset, leftInset, bottomInset, rightInset = display.getSafeAreaInsets()
	local t = { _H, display.actualContentHeight, display.viewableContentHeight}
	local t2 = { topInset, leftInset, bottomInset, rightInset}

all this variables return the same values with or without. native.setProperty( “androidSystemUiVisibility”, “immersiveSticky” )

Do you have the following entry in your build settings ?

coronaWindowMovesWhenKeyboardAppears = true,

If yes then test with:

coronaWindowMovesWhenKeyboardAppears = false,

to see if that makes a difference.

FYI I have been noticing some very weird display problems which are very difficult to analyze because there are so many factors that can play a role, even a change of device can influence the display. I have a test app that works perfectly on my Samsung phone but fails on my Samsung tablet.

One thing you can look for is what is shown on the splash screen when the app starts, do you see a dark gray bar on the bottom of the screen ?

My splash screen is black with a logo in the middle I can’t see the black area.

But your solution, resolved the issue.
Thank you very much.
At least the problem is identified.
I have field to enter data in my app, I will need the coronaWindowMovesWhenKeyboardAppears = true in the future but that bar in the bottom is way more important to resolve. almost all screens now are 19:9 and 20:9 so I guess I will survive for now.

For me the problem surfaced with the release of 3619 which introduced “Safe Area APIs”.
Unfortunately I have only found this using “coronaWindowMovesWhenKeyboardAppears = true” on Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (SM-T830) and Samsung Galaxy Tab A5 (SM-T500).
The workaround for my personal app (never to be published) is to use 3618.
I doubt that other developers/users may notice the problem, on most devices it seems to be irrelevant. I would like to see the problem fixed but I have been unable to identify which factors cause the problem to surface and I can not give a proven method to reproduce the fault except for take one of the two mentioned devices.