Just a BIG thank you!

Don’t know why, but I just found out about Gumbo.
I was trying to make something similar in flash (see code exchange/flash) - but man, what I did is just tracing some lua-lines.

Gumbo - in contrast - feels like the perfect tool for creating levels and/or menus. Although I was a bit hesitant to install MS Silverlight on my Mac, I’m pretty happy now that I did and that I can use Gumbo now.

Awesome work, Nerderer. and a big THANK YOU!!

-finefin [import]uid: 70635 topic_id: 15272 reply_id: 315272[/import]


Yes, I wasn’t that thrilled myself when I was first assigned to write my first Silverlight application 2 years ago, but once you get used to it it’s really quite nice. Escpecially since I’m really a Web/Asp.Net/C# programmer. Flash would’ve in a way been better, since more people have it installed, but I’m not really that comfortable with Actionscript.

But yes, I agree that it feels so wrong to install Silverlight on a Mac! I might be a MS programmer, but I’m an Apple nerd at heart.

I’ve come to realize what makes Gumbo different from the other solutions out there. While most other tools tries to do everything for you, I feel that Gumbo is more of a tool for coders. You use it to create your basic layout, then you add your code. Since I love coding myself, that’s the way I like it! [import]uid: 13180 topic_id: 15272 reply_id: 56575[/import]