Just released 64bit versions of „Freeze!“ and „Freeze! 2 - Brothers“, and all is well

Hi Rob and all the others that might still be with Coronalabs,

after two years of not touching the Android code or making any updates I just released 64 bit versions of our games. It work almost without a hitch (ok, I had to remove some underscores from asset pathnames), but apart from that all is fine with the new versions. Even IAPv3 works still.

Thanks for all your hard work with still maintaining the engine!

Best from Munich

Thanks a lot for kind words!
Only thing I would suggest to look into is new icon format, to take advantage of cool two layer icon system. Some icon really pop when you split them to background and foreground. You can find sample in an Sample Code or check our guide for more info https://docs.coronalabs.com/guide/distribution/androidResources/index.html

All the best!

Hi Vald,

thank you! I did this, just forgot it to mention - I added the new icon format for both apps, based on the folder in the Coronalabs demo folder and the nice tutorial from your docs.

I didn’t have a device to test the new layered icons on a modern device (don’t have one), but the classic icons on the old devices still work, and this is based on the new delivery system, so I trust that the new layered ones will work, too.

If someone by chance has a new device that can show the new icons and has the time to install “Freeze!” (download and first world are free, and no ads) and can post a screenshot or just give feedback that it looks ok that would be awesome.

Thanks again & best

I own Freeze and Freeze 2 and would be happy to try it out if my devices are the ones you are looking for.  Which devices do you need to see?

Hi Sporkfin,

thanks! I just want to know if the new layered icons appear correctly on one of the devices that support these. The icons are really simple, just the eye pin top of a single color background.



I’m glad to hear about your success!