keyboard hides my content

I have a newTextField and touch it and the keyboard shows.
But the keyboard covers my content including my textField.
Is there a way to know how much of the screen is taken by the keyboard?
Or some nice way to fix this issue?

i once faced this … the solution was to get the keyboard height so that you can move your textbox above it … but i couldn’t find find a code that does that … so in all of my apps i place the text box in the upper half of the screen always … or i just add a text control to show whatever is being typed

See Beware that you may run into problems if you apply the change mentioned in the comment from Rob Miracle posted on November 23. Rob calls this an experimental feature and I have been unable to find more information. A few months ago the feature worked quite well but it there is a problem with the display “measurements” in the latest releases I noticed on Samsung tablets (S4&A7).