Kwik Full Features Are Available For Free!

Hello everyone,

Kwik4’s full features are available for free!

Kwik is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop. A No-Code tool for creative users to make a Solar2D project. Kwik toolsets such as animation, buttons, particle editing … make App development faster and easier.

4.5.0 release notes…/kwik-4-5-0-in-adobe-exchange…/

You can find Kwik it in Adobe Exchange Market Place

For those who have been using Kwik3 or Kwik4, Kwik 4.5.0 does not come with its own installer, you can install Kwik from Adobe Exchange Market Place as same as other plugins for Photoshop. Kwik 4 did not have significant updates last year, so you may continue to use the previous version stable so far.

Best regards,

I would like to discuss the next version of Kwik in Solar2D forum if anyone is interested in a no-code tool plugin for Adobe Photoshop or XD. Once I finish research on Adobe UXP platform, I will be back with a prototype.


it’s awesome!

Woooa!! amazing! thanks a lot :–D

I remember reading about Kwik aprox 6 years ago and I was blown away by the animation and interactivity features but at the same time the process of installing seemed daunting, back then I had no idea about programming and did not even know what CoronaSDK was…but now, I will try everything there is to try! :crazy_face:

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