Labo 2D Game Level Editor, a car racing / platform game level editor for Solar2D

This level editor was cut from the level editor used inside Labo Lado team. It is based on GodotEngine and inspired a lot from levelhelper1. Due to our limited energy, we only provide sample codes, no documentation. If you want to use it, you may need to DIY it. if you can master it it will be a powerful editor. We hope that one day, we or others can turn it into a generic 2D Level Editor. In theory, this editor should be cross-platform, but we have only used it on macOS now.


1. Create 2d terrains through drag-and-drop.

2. Custom terrians textures and edges(tracks).


3. Edit physics. Create rectangular, circle or advanced traced shapes, add holes, change material properties and apply collision.


4. Create complex physic joints.


5. Insert sub-levels into the main level.

6. Scritable.



Thanks @pickerel. That looks brilliant - I can’t wait to give it a try. The bezier landscape editing is something I’ve been playing around with - it will be cool to see how it was achieved here.