Language change based on system set

Hello everybody

How to perform this:
If the system language is English - the app interface in English;
elseif the system language is French - the app interface in French.

Should I add some lines of code into build.settings.
What is the best way to store supported languages for an app and how to include it in a build - a separate lua file, xml, json, or main.lua.

Appreciate your answers.

Weirdy, novice

Hello and welcome to the community!

You’ll probably want to use to get information concerning the language (see the example).

Then you can use that information to choose which translations to load.

Personally, the way how I handle translations is that I place them all inside one .lua file and simply load a corresponding language table from the file after I’ve determined the language in main.lua.

GBC Language Cabinet will help with this.

@XeduR, I’m sorry, I can not undestand this cases in getPreference function:
On Android, system.getPreference( “ui”, “language” ) MAY return English instead of en.
In the Corona Simulator for Windows, the value returned by system.getPreference( “ui”, “language” ) MAY not match the expected value.
How could I receive only expected returned values…

My app works like an interactive dashboard, for example:

App: How old are you?
User: 19.
App: Wow, it’s approximately 7000 days!

App: ¿Que edad tiene?
User: 19.
App: Guau, casi 7000 años!

App: Скільки тобі років?
User: 19.
App: Нівроку, це ж майже 7000 днів!

@schizoid2k, it’s looks like what I was looking for. I will try to train it to have a deal with user inputs.