Large notification Icon on android (native build)

I managed to get the small (White) notification working by replacing corona_statusbar_icon_default on all drawable folders.

what I am looking for is having the large/colored 256x256 icon… as explained here…

so I managed to have it for onesignal remote notification, but it’s still not clear what need to do for local notifications!

Is this the documentation you are looking for?

I think this documentation is totally outdated. as there is no more this folder ./Native/Corona/android/lib/Corona/res/,
also seems this documentation related to “small icons”,

looking to source code, seems the capability is not supported…
I’ve opened issue with all info I managed to collect.


Can you update the documentation to reflect those changes? I would have done myself but I don’t know much about native builds. I don’t want to update with false information.