Latest supported MacOS / Xcode / Corona

Does anybody know what is the latest supported MacOS / XCode / Corona combo?

Apple: Xcode 12.5 and building on macOS 11


Thank you, bgmadclown.

Built with Xcode 12.5 on macOS 11.3.1 with 2021.3645 …

WARNING: macOS 11.3.1 is not supported by 3645 (designed for 11.2).
“Proceed with caution, as some things might not work correctly.”

Anyone heard when Solar2D plans release designed for 11.3.1?

I think @vlads is trying to find a way to get it working through GitHub so it’s possible a fix will be available with future releases.

By the way, this warning probably won’t affect anything. You don’t need to worry much about it.


Damn… Sorry, this is a bug. Ignore it if you can please, it should not happen in 3645. It is built with latest Xcode but for unknown reasons it got through.
Honestly, I am not getting this message. Are you sure you’re using 3645? Because build system has a check which fails if current version is smaller than supported, and it happened and I had to fix it with this commit.
I also just tried resetting setting and getting no message from the build I downloaded from

defaults delete com.coronalabs.Corona_Simulator suppressUnsupportedOSWarning

Make sure you’re starting 3645, may be re-download it?


Thank you, bgmadclown.

fixed, see below

Thank you, vlads.

I hid all other Corona versions, including 3645 that threw warning.

Re-downloaded using your link to 3645.
Built perfectly! No warning.

Thank you very much!
Using: macOS Big Sur 11.3.1, Xcode 12.5, Corona 2021-3645


Thank you for help re macOS 11.3.1 build.

Current problem:
Machine is choking on macOS 11.3.1 . I’ve read macOS 11.4 “may” help 11.3.1 problems. Don’t want to lose ability to build apps.

Can anyone confirm whether
macOS Big Sur 11.4 / Xcode 12.5 / Corona 2021-3645
will support build for iOS 14.5 iPad apps?

Thank you for any help.

Updating should be fine.


Thank you very much.

Fyi, 11.4 throws warnings, like 11.3.1 did initially. I assume these are benign too (right?).

11.4 warning on building w 3645
11.4 warning on first open of 3646

This message can be safely ignored. It will go away in next build. I already committed required code.


great! thank you!