layout editor for Solar2D (for point & click game)

Can I ask a few questions re latest for Solar2D re image layout:

Q1 - Is there a layout editor for Solar2D to help with layout out images for a point & click type game?

Q2 - If no what approaches do people use? Just adjust position in Lua code and review on simulator & iterate?


We made a very basic one for our needs - - needs more work though as it’s more an adjuster than a full editor.


Hi @greg886,

You can use ponytiled or berry.

For MacOS you can use LevelHelper 2.

Have a nice day:)

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This is something I’ve been puttering on lately; with some work it could be handy for layout.

Project: (183.3 KB)

You can drag the white rect around, stretch it by dragging the little gray attachments, adjust its corners with the green ones, or rotate it with the blue circle. Calling up an image file dialog isn’t implemented, but wouldn’t be too much trouble. You can also edit those same properties through various controls in the scroll view on the right. (A few things there don’t have any visual impact but get emitted into the object data. Just experiments, mostly.)

With “Launch” you can start a “game” although that’s pretty uneventful right now. :smiley:

As the project name suggests, this is primarily a test of some Unreal-style linking features, so at the moment I’ve only bothered setting up the one object. I’m planning to record a little overview in the near future, once I hammer out a few key linkable behaviors.

Try this one:

Labo 2D Game Level Editor, a car racing / platform game level editor for Solar2D

It is based on GodotEngine and inspired a lot from levelhelper1.

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