Legend of Solar2d Zelda-like Open Source Template

So I’ve released a stripped-down version of my Ludum Dare entry “Untitled Plant Game” as a Zelda-like top down template. It does the basics of loading a map, moving a hero around the screen and transitioning between maps.

It’s free and open, so feel free to commit features for all!


Very cool. Thank you.

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Awesome template. I like the map extend function, makes the map generator very powerful.

Not sure if I’m missing it in the folder but it would be great to see how you set up the tiled project file which ties to the map data for house and outside.

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I don’t use Tiled “projects” but you can load the JSON files directly that are in the Maps folder. This lets me directly edit the map and ctrl R to see the effects instantly.

The “exit” is just an extension that reboots the current scene with a new map file specified in a property called “filename”

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@ponywolf = my hero