Linux Snap: Can't access /media

I’m trying to get Solar2D 2024.3706 working on Linux (elementaryOS 7.1, after installing snapd), but I can’t access my project files mounted in /media. That’s where my Windows SSD data partition and any mounted USB sticks are, so it’s important to be able to access /media. I assume this is a Snap sandboxing issue. The actual error I get is “filesystem error: directory iterator cannot open directory: Perm”, with the rest cut off since the Open Project window doesn’t resize. I assume the remainder would have said something about “permission denied”.

A bit of research suggests I need to enable removable-media connections on the Solar2d snap, but it seems this is not possible because the Solar2D snap doesn’t include the removable-media plug that would be required. Any chance this could be added?

It would also be helpful if the Github releases were updated to mention the full command necessary to install the Snap: “sudo snap install Solar2D.snap --dangerous”. Without the dangerous flag, snap won’t install / sideload anything that hasn’t come directly from the Snap store - it just returns the error “cannot find signatures with metadata for snap “Solar2D-Linux-2024.3706_amd64.snap””.