Looking for a coder collaborator for my game.

Hello everyone,
I am working on a 2D game called Planaty.
Currently it’s just me and my artist but i need another developer.
The gameplay is that the hero spaceship fires photons at a steady rate. You create, move and destroy suns which effect the photons by gravity. You have to aim the photons at the enemy (not shown here).
This is very much WIP but the gameplay is getting there. So, i’m just throwing it out there to see if anyone wants to work with me.

i can provide videos of the game and the game selector if you are interested.

Hi! can you provide videos? I like developing games in solar, this is my last release if you wanna know my style:

mate, I’m having troubles uploading my videos here.
what is your email address - and I’m send them there.

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