Looking for a Solar 2D Developer

Hello Devs,

I am looking for someone who has experience with HTML5 builds and configuring plugins to work with Solar 2d.

I am trying to get the following plugins to work with HTML5 Builds: Photon Realtime, Photon Chat, Playfab Client.

I am willing to pay $450 USD for a complete project source file with the following.

  1. Playfab Plugin must be setup and able to call methods such as login, set statistics, create group.
  2. Photon Realtime must be able to connect to the service reliably, can use all of the methods part of the sdk
  3. Photon Chat must be able to connect to the service reliably, maintain the connection and call all of the sdk’s methods for chatting, friends etc.
  4. App configured to run in multiple browsers.

From my understanding the issue for photon is that the socket lib has been removed from the builds, so you will need to add those libraries to the project to have it working.

You can use the sample projects that Photon and Playfab provide for Solar2D.

Once you have the plugins configured, I will integrate it with my source code on my projects, so don’t get fancy.

I would want to see the project running calling the above services prior to payment.

I’d recommend you try and find someone on freelancer.com or upwork.com. Good luck!

Thanks for the feedback!

I actually created a job on upwork prior to posting here.