macOS Version Warning & Combo of Solar2D and xCode help please

Hey Peeps,

Need a little help… I’ve been in operating system and software update installation hell today!

I’ve got my MacBook Pro to the latest BigSur release.
I’ve installed Corona 2020.3635 release
I’m on Xcode Version 12.3

But when I try to build my app for deployment to the app store.
I get a build failed message as well as this warning about my macOS version when opening Solar2D.

It’s the first app I’ve tried to deploy to apple, bought my developer licence yesterday, so I’m not sure if it’s me or my environment that is at fault, or a combo of both!

Then when I go through the build process, I get told the my iOS SDK is newer then the target version.

It’s listed as unsupported.

Then I get the build failure, which is no surprise.
See console errors.

Problem is… I’ve tried everything I can think of and I am stuck!!

HELP! Please :slight_smile:

Looks like you downloaded the newest Solar release, but didn’t install it? The about page shows build 3621. Make sure once it’s installed, you’re opening the right Solar/Corona app as I believe it installs them side by side so if you’re opening just via your dock it will keep the link to the old version.

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Thank you KBradford for replying. I learn this the hardway. I’ve now succeeded, but I still get a warning each time I open Corona, to say my SDK is newer the that what corona has been designed to work with.

But I am now firing on all cylinders.

Ange x

There’s a new build 3636 that updates the iOS SDK version. Sometimes it takes Vlad a few days to get a new build out when they update XCode.


Oh ok, I’ll double check then, I didn’t realise I had been so quick off the mark… it might just be a coincidence in timing… but thank you for your help :slight_smile: