Made With Solar2D Showcase

I’ve just updated the Made With Solar2D site with a new, non-broken, look and re-opened the submissions so if you’ve got a game made in Solar2D - released or coming soon - please consider submitting it!

Still a ways to go on the site itself but that’s not stopping us from getting some of the great games made by this community on there.

The hope is to spread the site far and wide to show all the amazing things that can be done with Solar2D and help attract some more developers.

To anyone that already submitted to the older site, if you want to change your image etc please just let me know!


Thanks Glitch! It looks great!

Can only games be uploaded?

Great to see this site back again! I’d have loved to see our older games here but I don’t want to redirect people to non-working websites. Anyway, I will probably submit a game. What is the preferred image size?

Maybe apps can also be included if an “Application” tag is added.

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@cyberparkstudios Thanks! I can’t take too much credit though as it’s a template that I just changed a bit and hooked it up to our database.

@jdsmedeirosbr Apps can too! I probably should have said Project or something rather than Game?

@bgmadclown Could always just direct them to your main site? Or the Solar site itself?

Currently I’m not sure about preferred image size. Basically submit what you have and I have to manually approve everything anyway so I’ll finesse it a bit until we find what works. It’s still a WIP as currently the images are stored in binary in a database which is a touch slower than just storing the files properly so things will change in time.

I could add ‘Application’ to the category drop-down? Or should I add more granular like Finance / Life / Business / Whatever other ‘Genres’ non-game apps can have?


The site should now load a touch faster than before. Still improvements to come though.

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Not perfect yet but you can now upload MP4 videos as thumbnails.

The thinking is that GIFs converted to MP4s are smaller in size so should load quicker but I guess you could upload whole trailers, however right now all uploads are just stored on our webserver so everything will probably have to be moved to a proper CDN if we get 100s of games with full trailers uploaded.

Other improvements needed are:

  • Lazy loading / infinite scroll
  • Filters for genre / developer
  • Possibly have individual pages for the games rather than just a single link out
  • Better CTA for getting people to download Solar2D
  • Ability for developers to edit existing submissions.
  • Just for fun, I might try to see if I can embed HTML5 games as thumbnails. Would probably absolutely destroy performance though.

Even if you haven’t got a released game yet please do submit anyway, as long as you have something coming soon and a page to point to it’s all good and we can update later.

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21 new games submitted, thanks everyone!


I’ve updated it to make it clearer that we want apps as well as games. Currently ALL categories are in one dropdown, I’ll make it so it’s only the relevant ones later when I have some time.

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Followed your advice and added some of my previous works. Thank you for putting this together, again!

By the way, can you make “Open in new tab” the default behaviour if possible? I think it’d be better than going back and forth which also reloads the showcase.

Other thing I’ve noticed is there are multiple listing of some categories. Music and Sports are the ones I spotted. Also, I think combining Education and Educational categories could make more sense. (Maybe those redundancies are related to Game and App listings but I wanted to point out, just in case.)

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Thanks for the submissions! All approved and should now be visible.

Good shout on that yea, will update to new tab.

Yea I think that’s due to having both Game and App in there at the same time, will get that sorted asap.


Thanks @Glitch_Games, the site looks great! :+1:

It does need some optimization with the way it loads data, but I know it’s a work in progress.

We’ve tried several times to upload one of the Avokiddo games but it doesn’t work for us. We fill the form, upload our png, hit the orange “submit” button but nothing happens. We don’t know if the submission is successful and awaits approval or if it didn’t went through at all.

What is the expected behavior after you submit the filled form?


Yea it really needs optimisation but I figured just get something up for now so people can submit and when I have time I’ll work on improvements like that.

In theory it should have a little alert message of error or success at the bottom of the page. I know this isn’t ideal but it’s what I have for now.

If you want please just email the stuff to me - - and I can submit it and see what’s happening.

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I have emailed you our submission, thanks!

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Is it possible to add games on the awesome list as well?

Yea see no reason why they can’t be added.

Not sure I have the time right now to actually do the submissions but if anyone wants to go through the list submitting them I’ll gladly approve them.

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