Mechanics "Hill climb racing"

Hello! I’m studying Corona and want to make a game with mechanics like in Hill climb racing. I don’t understand much yet. Maybe, if there is free time to please look at my files and register the physical object of the car on wheels with screen control or tell me how to do it. And how to set up the physics of different cars so that everyone has a different mass and speed. I will be very grateful. Maybe someone even has unnecessary sources with similar mechanics. Thanks to all! I attach my project.  :slight_smile:

Hi @a-09-19, If you can post the specific code you need help with that would make it easier for us to offer insights.

Hello! I have no specific code yet. Could you show an example of creating a physical body of a car with two wheels from sprites?

@a-09-19 you want to take a look at the sample project code (physics folder) which comes with the Corona install.