Monetization opinions needed for newbie

Hi all! I’ve been working for a several months on a game and have made it through beta testing. Am now adding what I consider the final step, ads. I had previously settled on using Appodeal for its ability to do some best-performance optimizing among multiple networks, but the notice on the Solar2D Appodeal plugin page has said this for some time now:

Be warned that plugin builds for Amazon store are restricted at the moment.

I can’t keep delaying the release of this app, so based on your recent experience with your own (game) apps, what would you recommend I choose as a more immediate alternative so that I can publish this thing? Chartboost? Unity Ads?

I think the docs need to be updated a bit. I’m using appodeal on amazon at the moment. There was a time when it wasn’t possible at all because of an issue with including some google stuff.

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I just launched a new app using AppLovinMAX and I’m pleased with its performance. It is beating AdMob’s eCPM on Android and iOS and is performing as well as can be expected on Amazon. (In my experience, Amazon’s eCPM is a bit less than half that of the other two platforms.)