Monthly issues

Hello Corona developers! It’s been way to long that this forum has gone silent, so it’s time to turn up the juice and get everyone here in the loop for news and articles that you could benefit from, as they happen at ADM. Plus I will keep you abreast of special announcements, dedicated specifically to Corona devs.

We are now on our 43 issue! For over 3 years we have been growing, and maturing, and 2017 is going to be an exciting year for developers, and we plan to be right in the thick of it!

Hot off the press just now, the December 2016 issue of App Developer Magazine has arrived:


It’s 94 pages of incredible content, including advice from an IBM Developer advocate, and a Yahoo Engineer talking about hacking and outreach, plus loads more. 

Here are some articles inside the latest issue that I think are of particular interest to Corona developers.

  • 3 approaches to end user experience monitoring, 

  • Cross channel game advertising and the holistic approach

  • Development practices that break applications and what you can do

  • Ad Mediation: The questions you should be asking, 

  • Why release automation is critical in the application lifecycle

  • Why software is no longer being written from scratch, Comparing server Meet

  • Dav Glass, local hero hacker and Yahoo Distinguished Engineer

  • Why search has become the backbone of mobile apps

  • How Apple’s mandatory iOS App Transport Security (ATS) change will affect you

Thanks everyone, 

Richard, Editor

App Developer Magazine