Multiple icons in one app binary

Does Solar currently support multiple icons on iOS? I’m looking to do Product Page Optimization (apple’s new a/b testing) and it require including multiple icons when you upload an app binary for review.

Thanks to Vlad for documenting how to do this: [iOS] Support multiple app icons in a binary · Issue #321 · coronalabs/corona · GitHub

@kbradford, have you tried using this feature?
I tried adding alternate icons as shown by Vlad but when attempting to build (using build 3640 as well as latest build 3664) with these settings, the build failed.

this is the settings used in build.settings file:

xcassets = {
            filename = "Images.xcassets",
            icon2 = { "alternate-app-icon", "AppIcon2"},
            icon3 = { "alternate-app-icon", "AppIcon3"},

this is the error I get on console:

Building: Compiling Xcode assets catalog
Feb 19 12:39:10.762 /* */
                    : error: Unknown argument '--alternate-app-icon'.
                    : error: Not enough arguments provided; where is the input document to operate on?
Feb 19 12:39:10.773 ERROR: build command failed: xcrun actool --output-format human-readable-text --warnings --export-dependency-info "/var/folders/44/wd3br33s7snc7md6kx9z9dw00000gn/T/CLtmp2nGJKD/assetcatalog_dependencies" --output-partial-info-plist "/var/folders/44/wd3br33s7snc7md6kx9z9dw00000gn/T/CLtmp2nGJKD/assetcatalog_generated_info.plist" --compress-pngs --enable-on-demand-resources YES --product-type --compile "/Users/adiraz/Desktop/Dino" --alternate-app-icon AppIcon2 --alternate-app-icon AppIcon3 --target-device iphone --target-device ipad --minimum-deployment-target 8.0 --platform iphoneos --app-icon AppIcon "Images.xcassets"
Feb 19 12:39:10.773 ERROR: with exit code 1 and output: 
Feb 19 12:39:10.773 
Feb 19 12:39:10.774 ERROR: while compiling icons: 
Feb 19 12:39:10.774 BUILD ERROR: 

Yes, we have ours running now with no issues. We only ran 1 alternate though, so maybe there’s a syntax issue with running more. Here’s our xcassets:

		xcassets = { 
		    filename = "Images.xcassets",
		    ["alternate-app-icon"] = "AppIcon2",

Thanks @kbradford, I tried this one as well with no luck. Can you take a snapshot of your xcassets library structure? Perhaps I did not build the library correctly in the file system to include the AppIcon2 files.


Then the AppIcon directories are the same, just replace the pngs with new icons

Thanks @kbradford that’s the same structure I have.

What error do you receive when you use xcasssets syntax like mine?

I get the same error as above. Perhaps there is a problem with my Xcode installation. Thanks for your help.