Multiple Tilesets in Lime

Whenever i inserted a second tileset and the image into Tile Layer, i will hit corona error

File: …s)/Game(default)/Game/lime/lime-tile.lua

Line: 553

Attempt to index local ‘tileSet’ (a nil value)

and i dig the code lime-tile.lua

            local tileSetIndex = 1             local tileSet =                          if(tileSet) then                 -- If the GID is higher then the amount of tiles in this tileset then it must be in the next tileset (and so on)                     while(self.gid + 1 \> tileSet.tileCount + tileSet.firstgid) do                     tileSetIndex = tileSetIndex + 1                     tileSet =[tileSetIndex]                 end             end

i wonder does lime support multiple tileset? coz whenever i remove the second tileset and it work fine

Thanks for the pointer :slight_smile: