My High Diving game with Water physics

Greetings all,

I’ll preface this by stating Development is a hobby of mine. I’ve used Corona/Solar 2D probably for close to 5 years on and off in my own spare time. I’ve released a handful of smaller games. Everything I’ve learned myself and with the helpful resources online/awesome from fellow forum members.

My latest project is a small High Diving game called 321 Dive. I wanted to show what can be done with the Water Physics / Simulation above all else. I welcome all feedback, I created most everything besides the music. The Water is using the Liquid Fun plugin.

It’s not perfect, I personally know the game lacks personality as I’m not super keen on creating fun spectacular graphics - something I hope to improve and update.

Anyways, should work on most modern iOS devices- not yet on android. Also has leaderboards. This took me roughly a year on and off. Thanks


Could you make it for android?

Congrats, this is quite a milestone. I’m sure those around you are very proud of your talents.

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Right now focused on improving the game I have yet to implement my whole vision for it. I don’t have an Android device so that’s the difficult part. Not in the immediate future but I do hope to.

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