Native Android PlugIn requires

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I am developing a PlugIn which requires the use of other SDKs. The iOS version is already working together with those SDKs.

On Android I cannot solve a problem which seems to correlate to the version of the gradle plugin The SDKs and also my Plugin works fine within the Android-Studio.

But during build from the Corona Simulator, strange resource linkage problems are shown.

Corona seems to use the version 3.5.4 (at least build.xml within Corona Simulator … Resources/build.xml staes that) and within the Android Studio Version 4.1.1 is used.

How can the build process be adjusted to use the newer tools for Android ?

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Once plugin is built you probably won’t need the 3.5. In native you can update to 4.1.1 without issues, if you plan to distribute it.
What plugin are you building?

It is a plugin we develop for a European payment solution called Bluecode.
Since it depends on the frameworks from Bluecode, we added a corona.gradle into our Android-plugin-package.
Since we require AndroidX bindings, I had to add
android { buildFeatures { dataBinding = true } }
otherwise building the App that uses our PlugIn stopped with an error that android… is not understood.

And without that setting, the App would crash during runtime, since it does not find the class DataBindingUtil from androidx.databinding.

Maybe I am over complicating the solution but at least lifting the gradle version to 6.5 solved the issue.

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