native.newMapView Developer Purpose Google Map


I just used the native.newMapView and so far its displaying a developer purpose when I use on the phone since I cant test it in the simulator.

Do I have to publish it first the playstore?

So far, I have setup a billing already for the API I’m using. Enabled Google Map javascript and for Android. I also done some restriction and added the app I have developed (package name and SHA-1 fingerprint data)

Also did a OAuth 2.0 Client IDs just in case.

Anyway, I only transferred the apk file to my phone via USB to test it.

Hope someone could guide me. Tried searching in the forum but didn’t give me enough detail after following the billing account.

This is the error I’m receiving in the simulator
14:57:50.292 WARNING: unrecognized key: (string)


I’m getting the same issue after setting up the Google credentials, etc.
Did you ever figure out why you were getting this error?

Nevermind! Embarrassingly enough, I need to pay more attention when I’m reading the instructions. The code belongs in the config file not the build settings!