Need help! Can't find OneSignal for Corona anywhere on internet


I currently maintain an app using Corona 2020.3583 that use OneSignal. The file OneSignal.lua disappeared on my lap, and I can’t find it back.

What I want:

I want to download OneSignal for Corona, cuz it constantly reports errors that OneSignal is missing and I cant use the stimulation anymore.

What I tried:

Google everything. The OneSignal.lua seems to be disappeared from the world. The OneSignal documentation guide me to go to the plugin page of Corona to download, at, and now that link is deprecated. (I don’t know that the plugin page is still exist or not)

Someone please help

I am not sure what you are trying to do, but it should work if:

  1. You update to a newer version of Solar2d. Download it from here:

  2. Add this to your build settings:
    [“plugin.OneSignal”] =
    publisherId = “com.onesignal”,

I have updated 5 apps recently (1 on iOS, 2 on Android, 2 on Amazon) and they all work with Onesignal.