Need help on admob integration

Hi there.

I made a game on solar2d engine and finally wanted to put ads from admob. I followed instructions on solar2d website but I think I did it wrong because my game crashes every time after I build it on my mobile device. I want proper and more clear instructions for integrating admob into my game. (I have main.lua and 3 other scene.)

I also don’t know what corona.gradle is and how to handle it. So I need information on that too.

To get the basic version of AdMob up and running, you shouldn’t need to interact with the gradle.

It would be helpful to know at what point the app crashes, if there are any error messages and also to see your build.settings file. When you are having trouble integrating something like an advertising plugin, it can be helpful to build a very basic project that just tries to load the plugin and initialize the advertiser. There’s an example project here: