Need Help to Expand ironSource Mediation to more Ad Networks

Does anyone know where I can find documentation or a person who has experience implementing numerous ad networks with the ironSource plugin by @Scott_Harrison?

In particular, I need to find out 1) why the AdMob network is not competing with mediation, and 2) how to add Unity Ads, Chartboost and AppLovin for inclusion in my ironSource mediation list.

I’ll tackle the second question first.
There are two parts to adding new networks: adding them to your Solar project, and adding them to your ironsource console.
The first one is simple - just add the relevant adaptor to your build.settings file, as shown in Scott’s docs:

["plugin.applovinIron"] = {
     publisherId = "tech.scotth",
     supportedPlatforms =
         android = { url="" },
         iphone = { url="" },

["plugin.chartboostIron"] = {
 publisherId = "tech.scotth",
 supportedPlatforms =
     android = { url="" },
     iphone = { url="" },

["plugin.unityAdsIron"] = {
 publisherId = "tech.scotth",
 supportedPlatforms =
     android = { url="" },
     iphone = { url="" },

There’s no code changes or anything else required in the app.

For the console setup, you will of course need to set up Unity/Applovin/Chartboost on each of their own consoles first as well as creating placements for the different ad types that you need. Then in the ironSource console go to “SDK Networks” and add whichever keys they need to connect to each network. You can then add the details of the placements for that network, which should automatically add them to your mediation waterfall.

I’m not sure I understand your first question though:

why the AdMob network is not competing with mediation

Do you mean you are using Admob in addition to ironSource mediation, rather than adding it to ironSource as one of the mediated networks? I don’t see any benefit to doing this, as the whole point of mediation is to add all the networks and then let the mediator handle who will show an ad.


Hi, as Alan said for point 1, you need to set it up in multiple places:

  • adMob console (creating placements)
  • IronSource (configuring previous created placements) under Monetization/Setup/SDK Networks)
  • build.settings (to import SDK adaptors for each provider)

I know it’s easy to get lost in this topic, and since I use adMob in IronSource, we can have a chat if you want to (here or in the Discord server).

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To all, Scott spent some time with see last week RE: the mediation issues, some of which he’s going to continue to work on. But we did have some success. Perhaps the most interesting addition to “plist” section of build.settings he gave me was this:

SKAdNetworkItems = {{SKAdNetworkIdentifier = “SU67R6K2V3.skadnetwork”}, {SKAdNetworkIdentifier = “4PFYVQ9L8R.skadnetwork”}, {SKAdNetworkIdentifier = “cstr6suwn9.skadnetwork”}, {SKAdNetworkIdentifier = “ludvb6z3bs.skadnetwork”}, {SKAdNetworkIdentifier = “F38H382JLK.skadnetwork”}, {SKAdNetworkIdentifier = “V4NXQHLYQP.skadnetwork”}, {SKAdNetworkIdentifier = “22mmun2rn5.skadnetwork”}, {SKAdNetworkIdentifier = “238da6jt44.skadnetwork”}, {SKAdNetworkIdentifier = “4DZT52R2T5.skadnetwork”}, {SKAdNetworkIdentifier = “GTA9LK7P23.skadnetwork”}}, – iOS 14 ready, supports all adapters Adding SKAdNetwork IDs Manually - IronSource Knowledge Center

Other than this, I was happy to learn that other than the plugins themselves to be added into build.settings, no other code, other than implementation of the ironSource plugin, was required. :slight_smile:

I have Admob setup as a network within ironSource mediation. Scott is aware that Admob isn’t working within ironSource mediation at the moment and will probably get to it soon.

That’s the first I’ve heard of that.
We have been using Scott’s ironsource plugin for some time now, and Admob seems to be working just fine for us. In fact it’s the second best performing network out of the 7 or 8 networks we have included in our mediation setup (on both Android and iOS).

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@alanFlickGames oh that’s good news. So, you are using the mediation for bidding? Would you be kind enough to share the ad networks you are using with ironSource successfully? Perhaps there is something else going on with my mediation setup. Whatever it is, @Scott_Harrison had a look at it first hand and couldn’t figure it out.

Well, it was technically working just (according to logs) but just never got any fill

@Scott_Harrison remember that even when we put it in test mode specifically for Admob, it wouldn’t fill either? Any idea what that’s all about?

I actually just got ads on my Android device with admob


Turns out you need to use the same package name(for Android) setup in Admob, I assume it the same for iOS with Bundle ID

As Scott has said I think you need to have the same package name, so you can’t setup using a “real” package name in the Admob console and then test in an app using com.mytest.debug for example.

The networks we are using are:


We were also using myTarget but dropped them recently.

I don’t remember if we had any issues when using test mode, but we definitely get fill from Admob in our live builds.

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@Scott_Harrison even though I have medication on with several networks (including Unity Ads), for some apparent reason, ironSource on “IOS” is never letting another mediation partner get ads and they are filling them all. That’s problem #1. Problem #2 is more urgent. As you know, we make a game that could appeal to kids, even though they are not specifically targeted. Nevertheless, IronSource is serving them CASINO ADS!!! Not good. In looking into this further, it seems as if IronSource has created a separate SDK call Ad-Quality -

Can you implement it or find another way for us to limit ad types, in the same manner that the other ad networks allow us to? IronSource will remove specific ads we tell them about, but this is hardly a practical solution.

Will look into adding Ad-Quality to IronSrc

#1 is likely either there are no ads available for your app from those providers or waterfall is picking IS because layout.

For the ladder I recommend this video

Edit: you should also set ironSource.setMetaData(“is_child_directed”,“true”)

@Scott_Harrison I see that you are recommending I use setMetaData with is_child_directed to true. I already have this:


So, should I add this in front of it, like this?


Yes add in front like that

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@troylyndon Also, I would suggest you get in touch with ironSource directly and ask them to not to serve you ads that are not appropriate for children: Contact Us

They won’t be able to stop other networks from serving casino ads, but since ironSource are currently the network filling all your ad requests you should deal with them first.

Also, the fill you get from other networks will depend on which networks you are using, and which geos you are in. Facebook/Meta for example has dropped to practically $0 for us since Apple added ATT, and other networks will have great fill in the US but almost zero fill elsewhere.

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Interstitial only. Mostly LATAM:
Other than the other category, I don’t see much difference in my interstitial eCPM on iOS:

And Ironsource yes they take a big portion of the impression but they pay the most:

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Thank you @agramonte and @alanFlickGames.

@agramonte With ironSource having the best payouts, why don’t you set Tier 1 to (Manual instead of CPM) and put the other providers into Tier 2?

I think Agramonte’s setup is correct. I believe the “bidding” section supersedes Tier 1/2/3, so changing those tiers won’t affect the bidding placements above.

What I would suggest doing is creating multiple placements per ad network, and giving them all fixed CPM floors. Then you can force some of the other networks to be more competitive relative to the bidders, which should (in theory) also drive the average bidding price up.

For example if you have Admob placements with floors of $100, $50, $20, $10, $5 & $1 and they are sorted by CPM in your waterfall, if the higher value placements have fill you will get those ads. At the moment if you only have one placement and the network had 2 ads available at $101 and $1, there’s no incentive for them to give you the higher value placement. That brings your average CPM down meaning the bidders don’t have to bid as much to win the placement.

@alanFlickGames This is absolutely true if I was doing a traditional waterfall and I use to do that. I can probably squeeze out a tinny bit more money. It was just too much work. Everything is bidding except for Admob which I just use as backfill.