Need your App Videos

That got your attention !

All kidding aside, we want to expose your Corona based App to a wider audience. Not just via twitter/facebook/or our showcase page.

How can you help me help you get more visibility to your app?

Well, we are going to have a section on our newsletter that goes out to all of developers, in the five digits) that highlights the current apps that are were developed *OR* in the process of being developed in Corona.

And how can you help me promote your app?

Aside from the usual screenshots and links to the corresponding app stores, the one thing I would like form you is videos of your apps.

Create a cool video of your app showing game play and graphics and sound, and we will try to get it into our newsletter, and as with any game that wins the app of the week or month, we will include an app video as well on our Showcase page.

So, create some high quality videos, and in the end credits add a blurb that the app was done using Corona SDK and link to (I will add the png’s for end credits here).

Also, last, but not required, we are building a video site that will look at the YouTube videos with the ANSCA Corona SDK tags. Feel free to add those tags in the youtube video as well to show up on our video page.


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Hi Carlos, you mean something like this?


Jayant C Varma [import]uid: 3826 topic_id: 7562 reply_id: 26843[/import]

Actually, that is an excellent question.

I personally like,


Notice how prominently the company’s logos were demarcated in those two demos?

High Impact, well done. My $0.02. Obviously, some folks may not be able to do that, but hopefully that serves as a guideline.

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yep, love the Float video [1]

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Here is one:

I still have to add the Corona Badge at the end… but that will not be a problem.

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Carlos, what about this video? The badge is at the beginning, though… [import]uid: 21746 topic_id: 7562 reply_id: 26945[/import]

Was there a link?

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Of course! :slight_smile:

Haakon [import]uid: 21746 topic_id: 7562 reply_id: 26966[/import]

Our first Corona SDK app was just released on the App Store - we are still working on our marketing collateral but we do have a short video on Youtube -

Tags include “ANSCA Corona SDK” and we’ve linked to you guys in the description.

App is located here :

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Thought I’d post a video link to our latest game (waiting review on iphone but available on android now) named “Misplaced”.

It has similar game play to bubble ball.
Just a design note, as Carlos posted here:, we used this rope demo code (heavily alerted of course) to create a very neat looking jungle vine in level 6 of the game.
Here is a video of the actual game with the vine in motion.
Hopefully Apple will release iOS version soon!

Moonbeam Development

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Moonbeam is excited to announce the official release of our latest game “Misplaced” for iphone and android!

Promo video

iphone,ipod touch download
Android download

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Oo great, I’m almost ready to start beta testing my game so I’ll make a video of it for you. I’m done porting the majority of the game so now I’m adding finishing touches like OpenFeint integration.

Here are screenshots of the game in Flash:

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Just uploaded this trailer for my upcoming game Memory Stacks:


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I’ve just finished putting together my video clip (app is still waiting for review grrr…).

My question for Carlos:

What is the exact wording (legally) you require at the end regarding being created using Corona SDK?

Also, where can I find the official Corona badge graphic to use?

Cel. [import]uid: 9428 topic_id: 7562 reply_id: 29106[/import]

if you created an game/app, you don’t need any of the legal mumbo jumbo. trust me.

Badges? We no need no badges…

C [import]uid: 24 topic_id: 7562 reply_id: 29107[/import]

Thanks Carlos

That reminds me of a great movie that does a take off of Blazing Saddles -> UHF with Weird Al Yankovic - quality stuff! [import]uid: 9428 topic_id: 7562 reply_id: 29128[/import]

Hi Carlos

Here is my app video for my new game ‘Thumb Tap’:

I can provide high quality render if needed.

Kind regards
Cel. [import]uid: 9428 topic_id: 7562 reply_id: 30352[/import]

Hi-res the better [import]uid: 24 topic_id: 7562 reply_id: 30353[/import]


If u Need One more here…

Get The Gold
Gameplay Video:

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