New Amazon IAP Plugin and IAP Badger

Another IAP plugin update, another IAP Badger challenge. :grin:

Has anyone who is using IAP Badger successfully transitioned to the new Amazon IAP plugin? I just did a build with 3661 and started getting “Cannot communicate with the app store” (or similar, I can’t remember precisely) messages that pop up as soon as the app is launched. When I revert to 3644, the app runs correctly and in-app purchase works fine.

I have spoken to other developers who have built with 3661 and are not using IAP Badger, and they did not have any issues, so this would appear to be something that IAP Badger is doing.

Can you try my version?

I had to do a change to make it work with my recent Amazon apps.

you can also see the pull request I submitted:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember having read the author of IAP Badger saying at some point that they had stopped supporting it and that someone else (or the entire community) should pick up the project.

If I am correct, then starting a new fork would be good.

I’ve been doing my own version of IAP Badger since the new version of the Google billing API:

Embarrassingly, I don’t know how to use Git, so the suggestion of making a fork is beyond me.

Thanks! I’ll check it out.
No spoilers, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the deprecation of state="restored".

FWIW I fixed this by reverting to 3660 and IAPs are now working. Seems the Amazon IAP plugin update is very bugged and just doesn’t work. Seems to be a theme for me recently.

How about do not release a new update without thoroughly testing it? Just a thought…

Look like Amazon is now requiring ‘AppstoreAuthenticationKey.pem’ to be in your root project for the new version to load products with the new Appstore SDK. They did not specify this in the migration guide but is hidden away in bottom of FAQs.

Working on reverting the original plugin back to use Amazon IAP v2 and will a split off a new version of the plugin to use Amazon Appstore SDK(v3) tonight.

I do apologize for inconvenience this causes.

I’m curious what the status of this is? We’re about to submit some updates to Amazon and I’m honestly not sure what state the Amazon IAP plugin is at? Do I need to revert to an old version of Solar?

I did a build the other day with 3665 and restore was still broken. 3644 works fine.

I just did a build with 3644 and restore is broken now on Amazon IAP v2. I notice that it was updated this month- I thought v2 was getting left alone.